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Well, I think I crashed in to a bee, as that is the only way that I can explain how I got stung.

I was riding along a country road when whack, something big hit me in the face.
This is not uncommon, as I ride most of the time with my visor up. My Nolan N103 does not even have the visor fitted.
I tend to rely on my shades to give me eye protection (they are not glass lenses).
This time there was a stinging sensation, exactly like when you have been stung by a wasp/bee.

My first thoughts where to keep a watch on my well being, having wondered if I had developed an allergy to stings, as it has been many, many years since I have been stung.
A couple of miles later and was still good, and the sting was not too painful.

I then started wondering how I could have got stung.
Usually when you get hit by an insect it goes splat, and depending on the size of it decides if it hurts.
Moths are the worst, as they seem to be able to spread themselves over square inches, rather than a nice neat splat.
I got wondering a bit more, and concluded that the only way I could have got stung is I flew into the arse end of the bee, straight on to the sting.

The old joke is “What is the last thing an insect see when it hits a windscreen? answer: Its arse”
In this instance I think the bee must have had the ride of its life, as it simultaneously accelerated to 80 mph whilst getting the mother of all gooseings ๐Ÿ™‚

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