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Now that I have completed, and passed, the IAM Test, and I have finished putting the ST1100 (Pan) back together after it slid out from under me, I can now start work on the XT550.

Back in April I had an encounter with a deep rut on a green lane. The outcome was that the gear shift shaft sheared flush with the engine casing.
You can see the selector shaft inserted into the photo.

You would think that it would be a simple case of removing one of the engine casings, slide out the old one and slide in a new one.
But, oh no that would be far to easy. It would seem that I need to split the engine to change the gear selector shaft.

On the morning of my IAM test I needed to distract myself, so I took the lump out of the bike. As you see, it is now sitting on the bench. Well, to be honest it has been sitting on the bench for the last two weeks.
I now need to set aside a day to strip it down and change the shaft.
I am refraining from the temptation to overhaul the lump at the same time, partly because of the cost, but more from the point of view that if I do the lump, then i will end up doing the whole bike. The XT has always been like a “farm bike”, it does a job and is not meant to be a show bike.

So, if I remember, I will photo the process, and document it so it may help someone else.
Saying that, I will be working to the “Haynes Book of Lies”.

The first problem I have hit, as you may have noticed, is that the exhaust headers are still in place. All the bolts came undone without issue, and the clamps slide off fine. The only problem is that I can not free the pipes from the exhaust ports, even after a bit of judicious hitting with a rubber mallet. So, am gonna see if I can get the head off with out removing them.

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