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I managed to get the engine stripped, though it was not all easy going.

It was the classic case of tempting fate.  All was going well when one of the head bolts would not move.  They are about an inch long and made of aluminium (see photo).
It turns out that it the aluminium of the bolt and the head had fused together.
I had to remove three of the cooling fins.  I was not too worried about it, as the right side does not have that many either.









You should be able to see what it looked like from the previous post.

It was then a matter of slowly chipping away at the back of the bolt to get it to free up. The problem was finding something small enough to get in the back. At one stage I was using the thickest feeler gauge that I had, and lots and lots of WD40.

The rest of the strip down then went really easy, even splitting the casing was easy.

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