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Whilst I was putting the cylinder back on the XT550 I seemed to have misplaced a 12mm socket.I did not think much about it ‘cos it may have just rolled under something and I have a spare.
In fact it was just a niggling thought that I had lost a socket, and it was possible that I may have just been having a “senior moment”.

Anyways, today I finished off putting the head back together, and fought the lump back into the frame.
TIP: Man-handling a XT550 lump, 18 inches in the air, into a small slot that also pins the swingarm, single handed does require a large amount of swearing. You should ensure that any small children are not with in earshot, like my daughter who popped out to show me the pretty dress that she was wearing!

When I was putting the carbs back in I noticed a glint of something that was shiny and definitely out of place on an engine that is predominately black. Where it is not painted black it is covered in thick black oil/grease.
And, no I did not clean off the engine casings when I stripped it, else I would have had to clean the rest of the bike, which I am not even sure is possible.

So, If you look at the picture you should be able to see the missing 12mm socket.
On a positive note, at least I will not have to hunt for a 12mm socket if I ever need to take the head off again.

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