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Ok, I agree that rain is not really a state of mind. It falls out of the sky and makes you wet, waters the plants, etc. It is definitely physical.

But, it is the effect that the thought of rain has on us that makes it have a great effect on the current state of mind that you are feeling.
When you were a child, there was nothing better than things like jumping in puddles and making “mud pies”. When I lived in the Far east, it was even better as the rain was warm, I would spend hours out in it, floating flip flops down the “rivers” in the road.
Once you grow older it all changes. Most people would agree that they would much prefer sun to be on the forecast, and the thought of going out for a walk in the rain seems totally alien.

The same applies to riding bikes.
If you can get your head around the fact that you are going to go out in the rain, and that you do not have to be encased in a car, it is really good fun.

It took me a while to break down the mental barrier that if it was raining I should jump in the car.
I admit that it does still cross my mind, but experience has shown that if the weather is that bad to contemplate the car, then there is a high probability that some numpty in a car is gonna crash, which will create a traffic jam, which will leave me cursing the fact I did not take the bike.
The main thing is preparation.

At its most simplistic you need a £20 rain suit, that goes over your usual kit, and a pair of Marigolds to put on before your gloves.
I fall in to the other end of the scale. As I commute all year round I invested in some “proper” all weather gear.
I have a set of Rukka Argonaut trousers and jacket. Yes they are really expensive, but I never get wet or cold.

The only other thing is to remember to take a little more care, and keep an eye out for slippery manhole (sorry, personhole) covers.

I will write more on riding in the rain, but if you remember one thing, remember this………
Motorbikes do not dissolve if they get wet 😛

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