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It was with some sadness that I said goodbye to my trusty TDM 850 today.
I brought in October 2008 for about £1200, and in the past three years have put around 30,000 miles. It sold for £1120 on ebay.

I got it to replace my previous TDM850, which got taken out by a woman pulling out in front of me 1.5 miles from home. I had owned that one since early 2003.

It really is the end of an era. I love the TDM, it is the perfect bike for commuting. It is tall (they recommend you are at least 5’8″) and thin.
Oddly, it is greatly underrated in this country, but everyone you meet who has one loves it.
Not only did I do loads of miles, in all weathers, but I also completed and passed the Institute of Advanced Motorists Skills for Life course/test on that bike.

I am now commuting on a ST1100, an ex-Police Pan European. It is much bigger and heavier, but all things considered it is just as nimble.
The main reason for the change was that the ST offers more protection, and generates more heat.
It is not so much of a benefit in the Summer, but is a blessing in Winter.

Thank you to the TDM, you did me proud.

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