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Last year I was pursued by a “stealth cloud“.

This morning was a random weather ride in to work. I put my shades on, leaving the house in glorious sunshine, as I got on to the A3 it went all cloudy and dark, and that was pretty much how it was going to be all the way to work.
Just as I was going past Petersfield I got sprayed with water. I thought that it was the car in front using its washers, but it continued for about quarter of a mile and then stopped just as suddenly.
There was a patch of cloud that was slightly darker than the rest of the cloud, so that is where it must have come from.

The ride home was also pretty cloudy, and pretty uneventful, until I got to the same spot at Petersfield, all be it that this time I was southbound.
I could not believe it, this time it was real rain but again it was just a shower, but this time a bit heavier.

Was it the same cloud that had just been hanging around waiting for me?
Should I take a different route to work tomorrow, just in case it is still there waiting?
Maybe next time it will be be full on deluge!
Maybe, and I hope not, it will have buddied up with some wind and is now capable of movement, and it is preparing to be a “stealth cloud”.

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