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First, let me admit that I am not a big fan of MAG, not because I disagree with them on the whole, but for the fact that they are supposed to fight against many things including inequality for bikers.
The bit that bugs me is that they offer a £5 discount, for anyone between 16 and 25 years old. having queried this I am told it is to help people with less money to get in to biking. Mkay, so what about OAPs, the unemployed, etc.

Anyways, I digress.
On the 25th September a large number of protest rides occurred all over the country, the idea being to bring to the forefront the new regulations that are currently being discussed in Europe.
If these come into force, biking as we know it, will be seriously compromised. In the long-term it may even fade out to be a pastime of eccentrics.

I went on the ride that left from Rownhams services (Eastbound) on the M27. There were loads of bikes and we set off at a sedate 20mph, blocking all the lanes.
There were 2 Police bikes that would slow traffic coming on at slip roads. It was all very civilised, and a large number of the oncoming traffic tooted, presumably in support.

So, why did I do it……….
The EU always come up with some mad rules and we all think that they will never happen, or to be honest that if they did happen they wouldn’t really effect me.
Well this lot of proposed madness will!! Here are some of the points that are proposed:

– New Regulations to PREVENT riders modifying any part of a bikes’ powertrain, from air filter to rear tyre size
– Random road-side stop checks to TARGET motorcycles
– Future MoT tests to CONTROL non-standard parts
– Compulsory ABS, adding cost and complexity (especially to small machines)
– New rider numbers halved after the number of bike test centres SLASHED
– From Jan 2013 there will be EVEN MORE restrictions on new riders
– Ireland wants riders and passengers to be forced to wear hi-viz full sleeve jackets
– France wants hi-viz/reflective clothing, but also wants to BAN bikes over 7 years old from cities

Stop and think of some of the points.
Non aftermarket air filters, like K&N filters. These are more economical than standard paper filters.
No changing cog sizes. Not every one does it to get more acceleration, some do it to increase mpg.
It will be fun seeing everyone wearing full sleeve length Hi-Vis jackets. I’m not sure if you are going to be able to wear you waistcoat/colours on the outside though.
Random road side checks. No longer must the there be a reason to stop you. I’m not sure what they are going to do ‘cos they will need to be trained in all bikes and their standard configurations.

More importantly, this will only apply to motorbikes.

It really does seem that the EU want to eliminate all biking, without actually banning it. It will just slowly fizzle out and the sheer weight of rules and regulations, and the frustrations of being harassed.

Personally I think now is a prime time to get out of the EU and its petty rules and regulations. I am not just thinking about what applies to motorbikes, but also to other aspects of our day to day lives.
To that extent I have signed the e-petition, created by the Daily Express, “Britain wants referendum to leave EU

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