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Take a good look around

This is not going to be a post about advanced riding, dealing with observation or positioning.
It is much more simple. It is just about taking the time to remove your blinkers and take a look at what is around you, and that is not just a quick glance, but a good look around and actually see what is around you.

Many people I meet say that I am a very observant person, and that I see things that other people do not.
I don’t think I have any special powers, or I do anything different to what any other person could do.
I just take the time to remove the blinkers and take a good look at what is around me. It helps me to escape from the humdrum of the day and appreciate the simpler things in life.

The sunny week that we have just had was a God send. It coincided perfectly with many farming activities.
On my daily commute I have a good section that goes across country, covering a lot of arable land as well as a lavender farm.
Over the year the hedgerows grow and the crops in the fields grow. Towards the end of the Summer, there are crews of people in the fields picking ground crops, the lavender goes purple and releases its sweet smell in rain or extreme heat, and the combine harvesters start cutting swathes through grain crops.

With the “damp” Summer we have had everything is really green and vivid. A cottage with a red roof nestled in amongst the trees really stands out when seen across the fields.
Some of the fields have been freshly ploughed and raked, giving a great contrasting colour against the green.
The last hay harvest has taken place, leaving light green fields with big black cylindrical bags forming the modern day hay bale. Many people may see them as a plastic blot on the landscape, but again is more contrasting colours. They will soon be gone, stacked near the cattle sheds.

The warm weather also brought with it a variety of mists and fogs during the morning commute.
In the worse case I had left home in the sun wearing shades and as I passed Alton I was in thick fog where water droplets were forming on my shades and rolling off.
But even then, glimpses of the sun can be seen trying to burn though, and holes in the fog can be seen allowing a sneak peak of the world around you.
At its best I am riding though glorious sunshine looking at mist laying in the dips, or wisps of mist trailing through the trees, over the landscape and across your path.

Many may laugh at me, or think I am weird, but I love looking at the world around me and appreciating what nature has to offer, also taking time to look up at the sky or down at the ground.
I don’t do the latter so much when I am on the bike ๐Ÿ™‚

I also take the time to look at the people that I pass, and try to get a glimpse into their lives.
I saw a big green delivery lorry heading off home or to another drop? He had a made up number plate in the windscreen “I love Claire”. A simple thing to give a little insight into his life.
I see kids going to school. I hope someone takes the time to make sure that they take a good look around, I know I remind my daughter to.

So, if life is getting on top of you just take a good look around.
Even at night. If it is clear, nip outside and stare up at the night sky for 5 minutes. Look at the stars, feel the expanse of emptiness, or is it empty? I guarantee that you will feel better for it.

I was also hoping to add some photos and stuff, but never stopped to get any as I did not want to stop and break the moment ๐Ÿ™‚

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