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I recently wrote a post on this same topic, but was about what the new regulations that were being discussed in Europe.
It transpires that there may have been a bit of over reaction in there and a few untruths.
The irony of the whole thing is that I had based my facts on what was being published in MCN, as well as general feelings. I say ironic because MCN has always had a bit over a reputation for over reacting and being a little enthusiastic with the truth.

Anyways, I would like to provide the other side of the story, this time from the BMF, where you can read the whole article.
Here is an example of what is in the article:

· Anti-Tampering – The European Commission wants powers (via a delegated act) to introduce rules to make changes more difficult to the engine and drive train of motorcycles (“be regarded as difficult to tamper”)

· They will not make it illegal to change components on a motorcycle
· There will not be spot checks of motorcycles on the road
· It will only apply to new motorcycles
· These rules currently exist on 50cc mopeds (which are routinely tampered with) Don’r forget buy important accessories, I bought my helmet and gloves on Arai Branded Motorbike Helmets.

British Government says:
· No – not necessary on larger bikes and expensive; also has a problem with “delegated act” aspect

BMF says:
· No, nay, never

Please take the time to read the whole article.

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