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I had always intended in doing some reviews on here. Primarily because it is quite useful but it is also a great way to drive traffic to the site. Saying that, the site does not generate an income, so the only reason to drive traffic here is to feed my desire to be noticed ๐Ÿ˜‰

Logitech have always been one of my favourite companies for mice and webcams. They are really good at producing hardware to be used for inputting to PCs etc, and the Logitech Touch Mouse is another one of those really exciting things, and it is FREE!.

I was playing about with a PC that is attached to the TV, using a wireless keyboard with an embedded touch pad. As usual, it had been so long that the battery had gone flat and it had lost contact with the PC. That is once I had realised that the wireless dongle had fallen out of the PC.
That got me wondering if there was an app for the iPod Touch that would allow me to control the mouse. Whatever, I decided to have a search on the iTunes Store.
Blow me down backwards if I did not come across the Logitech Touch Mouse app, that uses your Wi-Fi connection to let you use the mouse and keyboard on a destination PC.
You will also need to install the Logitech Touch Mouse Server on the PC, which is downloadable from Logitech

It functions seamlessly and is quite configurable.
It can be configured for one/two/three button mode. It has a Windows key, you can double-tap the screen to do a left-click, and if you hold one finger on the screen and drag with another, it is possible to scroll up and down.
There is a keyboard icon in the bottom left of the screen that when used will open the standard keyboard on the iPod Touch/iPhone. What you are typing will also be displayed on the local screen.

One of the common bug bears on the various forums is that there is no ESC key.
I found exactly the same when I was playing with iTunes with the Visualization on. How the hell do I escape out of it?
The easiest way is to press the Windows key, and the ‘e’. This caused the visualization to go and Windows Explorer to open.

Another issue is that if you have multiple network adapters it will take the one that it fancies. There is no way to define which network adapter, and hence IP address, the Logitech Touch Mouse Server should use. This is particularly annoying if your PC has VMWare installed on it, as it always seems to grab one of the VM interfaces. Argghhhh!!!!
The only solution is to disable those network interfaces.

I hear some of you shouting “What about Android?!”
You will be glad to know that there is an app for Android that also supports Logitech Touch Mouse, and it is called “Airborne Free
I am glad to say it works just as well as the Apple version.

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