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I wrote about the Mary Rose School Toy Run back in 2009.
Since then I have added the Easter runs and last years toy run.

This year I again did the Christmas Toy Run, and the biggest thing is the pride in taking part. As I said last time, it is a great excuse for a ride out, and at the same time you can make a real difference to a person’s life.
I was there with a group of guys from the Royal British Legion Riders Branch (RBLR)

This year it again set of from Wickham and took the usual route to the School.

Whilst waiting at Wickham I had one couple come and ask me what it was all about. Was it a meet or were we doing something? On explaining we were taking toys to a school for pupils with severe and complex learning disabilities you could see the respect for what we were doing.

On the flip side, a woman came out of her house and asked two bikers to move their bikes as they were blocking a gate “that is in use 24 hours a day”, “my husband is a flight controller, I can’t be having to hunt around for the owner if he gets called out”.
What we were doing did not come in to it. The fact the wait is usually only 30 minutes did not come in to it.
All she proved was what a small minded, self-centred, pig ignorant little person she was. In my humble opinion ๐Ÿ™‚

190 bikes and trikes set off from Wickham Square, and everyone made it to the school.
The head mistress rode pillion this year, her first time on a motorbike.

The look on the children’s faces as we pulled in, and as they were lifted out of their wheelchairs and on to bikes of their choice, was humbling.

As usual a couple of buckets were rattled at the entrance to the school, raising very close to ยฃ700.
There were loads or Christmas pressies too.

Roll on Easter, when I will be again riding to the Mary Rose School, this time armed with a couple of Easter eggs and ยฃ10 for the bucket.

290 bikes took part

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