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Having written my last post about Reeds Rains Property Management, I re-read it a few times and received a few comments, making me decide to go ahead and register a complaint.
My complaint was acknowledged within the stipulated 3 days, and I was informed that the matter would be investigated and that I would have the results of that investigation within 15 working days, again in line with their procedures.

Well it certainly got the ball rolling, and the representative suddenly became far more conscientious about replying to my emails.
Unfortunately, this highlighted a further issue in that they had retained £295.20 for contractor work that had nothing to do with my property.
The representative also stated that my tenants had only paid 4 months rent, and so the management charges to be collected in February and March, as stated on their statement, were correct because there were 4 payments including the notice period. Look for payment systems at https://www.paystubs.net/
The only problem is that the tenants had paid 6 months in advance, and Reeds Rains Property Management have paid 6 months rent into my bank account, less the management fees and the retention.
More worryingly, the representative’s incorrect conclusions were based on their investigations undertaken whilst there was a compliant in progress about the issues with Reeds Rains Property Management!!

They did agree to release the retention as soon as they saw the error. I have now written to them to convince them that they are again wrong, and to release the extra 2 month management fees that they have incorrectly taken.

I thought that to finish this post off, I would include the email that I sent to them:


Thank you for releasing the retention that was incorrectly placed on my account.

I am surprised you are not aware that the current rental period was renewed from 25/10/2011, this was the period that the last tenancy period expired.
You should also have been aware that the current tenants renewed at that time, paying 6 months rent in advance, as usual, and not the 4 months that you claim.
It would seem that we are both missing “Statement Number: 6” and/or “Statement Number: 7”, though I can confirm that two payments were made into my bank account when I chased for the rent.

Unfortunately, this means that your calculations are wrong.
Deductions have been made for management fees for February and March, as “Statement Number: 8” details, as I pointed out in my previous email.

I have attached an Excel spreadsheet that combines the statements that I have from Reeds Rains and the payments hitting my bank account.
You should be able to see from it that Reeds Rains Management are currently holding £432, that should have been released to me back in October when the tenancy was renewed.
The £432 consists of the retention of £295.20 and 2 x management fees £86.40 x 2 = £172.80

I am sorry, but this again reflects on the inadequacies of Reeds Rains Property Management, especially in the light of that fact that I have had to undertake my own investigations to prove the conclusion of your investigations incorrect.
You should be more than aware of the income that has come from the property, the charges applied, and the resultant payments to my bank account.
On the positive side, it has provided me with the material for an update to my blog, which I hope to have written by the time that you read this.



Once we reach the conclusion of the complaint, and my business, with Reeds Rains Property Management, I will write a final post.

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