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It really beggars belief what they have done this time.

I wanted to ensure that I had the same facts that Reeds Rains Property Management would have whilst investigating my complaint.
To this end, I contacted the local branch and asked them to provide the dates that my tenants paid the rent and the dates that the funds were released to me. Remember, all I know is the tenants pay the rent in advance and the dates the money end up in my bank account.

I had a prompt reply from a person at Reeds Rains providing the dates, clearly showing the tenants had paid all the rent at least 10 days in advance at each renewal. It also showed the dates that payments had been made out to me.

The next day, today, I got an email from the usual representative at Reeds Rains, who stated that at the recent renewal the tenants had paid the first two month’s rent as single payments each month, and then 4 months in advance in the third month.

Both emails agreed on the dates that the money was passed to me.

I am now going to have to contact the local office, who would have taken the rent payment, to see who is telling the truth.
Hopefully, I will not have to resort to asking my tenants.

I am beginning to look forward to the response to my complaint, and if it will include an explanation to the inconsistency in the replies to my request.

On a positive note, Reeds Rains Property Management have now agreed that they had taken for 2 months management fees in error, and have released that money to my bank account.

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