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Time for a Weather Post

I am very aware that the Reeds Rains posts have been taking up a my thoughts a fair bit recently, so I thought I better put something new up.

In true English fashion, when we have nothing to talk about, I thought I would mention the weather 🙂
To be honest, the weather does play quite a part in my life as I commute to work everyday on a motorbike, a journey of around 30 miles each way.
I wear proper kit so whether it is raining or not does not really come in to it. I am always dry.

What I do wonder, is what the hell is going on with the weather.
Looking at last year, I do not remember much rain and I do not remember much sun. Saying that, I think there was a lot of rain, but it just did not rain during the times that I was actually on the bike, a fact that I love.
There is many a time when I get to work just in time for the heavens to open up with the mother of all downpours.
I even go as far as altering my route based on which direction has the blackest clouds.

We were forecast another blinder of a Winter, with Councils stockpiling salt and grit, plans were being made to keep the Country running, railway companies were hoping that it would be the right kind of snow, employees were hoping that everyone f^%£&() up again and they could not get to work, and the shops had got snow shovels and sledges in stock ready for Halloween.

HA!! Mother Nature threw a curve ball and gave us the mildest Winter that we have seen in years.

We have had a few days of cold, though. I reckon I have seen maybe 4 frosts this Winter, and the seat on my bike has had a layer of ice on it three times, when I have set off for the commute home.
To be honest, I love it when it is sub-zero temperatures and I am on the bike. Everything is so crisp to look at, skies really are clear, and you really can see for miles.
Add to that everything having a coating of frost, and the thick tendrils of breath in your helmet and wow does it feel good to be alive.
The Councils are obviously making good use of their salt mountains as the road salting seems to to be much thicker this year. The salt granules also seem to be three times the size, kind of a disadvantage when you are on a bike because it causes ridges of salt/grit that a perfect to cause you to lose traction, causing buttock clenching, though exciting, moments.

Today was a day of the thickest and finest drizzle that I have ever seen. A perfect day to have been working from home, which I was.
I am kind of hoping that it has dried out by tomorrow, otherwise all the salt that it has dissolved will makes its way into all the nooks and crannies on the bike. Which is never a good thing. It means I will have to wash it.

Blimey, 534 words on the weather.

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