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The recent really cold weather has meant that I have not had much of an inclination to head out on the weekends.
So, today I decided that I needed to start up and run the Hardly and the XT.

I started off with the Hardly and could hear a rattling.
Nothing to worry about, as it was one of the heat shields. The arse is that it is one of the ones that is held on with a Jubilee clip, threaded through a loop on the shield. I can only guess that the loop has failed.
Still, it fired up without issue and ran sweet.

On to the XT. This has been starting really well since the “rebuild“. This time around it had not been started since before Christmas :O
Fuel on, choke all the way around, and 3 twists of the throttle. Finally, “jiggle” the piston to just after TDC.
First kick, nothing.
Second kick a massive backfire, and the sound of air escaping.
Third kick and it started. Tick over is always a bit rough for the first minute, so it is best to just “tickle” the throttle a bit.
Once it was sounding constant, I gave it a blip of the throttle.

Oh, Oh. I could see two jets of exhaust coming out of the head gasket on the right side of the engine.
Arse! Arse! Arse!.

The engine does run fine and smooth, but the gasket is going to have to be replaced.
This time I will not be skimping on a HiLite one, but will be purchasing a genuine Yamaha one.

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