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It is with regret that I have to report that I gave up with Reeds Rains Property Management.
They did reply to me, again just quoting the contract saying that they did not have to pay me any advanced rent, and so any rent that had been paid had been paid in accordance with the terms of the contract.

In my last email to them I had pointed out that the obviously could not read their own contract and stated the points that they were in error with.
My comments had been ignored, giving the same response that they had given me before.
I could escalate my claim again, this time to the Managing Director, but to be honest I just can not be bothered.

The thing that really annoyed me was the fact at that no time during this entire process did anyone for Reeds Rains Property Management pick up a phone and endeavour to speak to me.
This beggars belief. I can not understand how a complaints procedure can progress, with a company that is offering a service, and at no time did the person looking my complaint not consider that it would be appropriate to call the client and try and get to the bottom of the issue(s).

This does nothing but leave me with the impression that they just buried their heads in the sand and blindly kept ignoring the the points of my complaint, and just pick up on the point of late rent.
Any potential loss that I had made , which I had worked out to be £24, was never an issue. The whole point of the complaint was to highlight the inadequacies of Reeds Rains Property Management and hopefully prompt a change in the procedures and internal communication. Clearly that has not happened.

I can only recommend that you do not touch Reeds Rains Property Management with a barge pole, unless you are sure that you will never actually have to engage them to do something.
The are very good at getting the contract in place, but a little problematic at releasing funds, or providing consistent information.

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