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IAM – Advanced Plus

Last year I completed my IAM Advanced Riding course.
Actually, strictly speaking it is not a course, but a series of observer rides where an experienced IAM observer comments on your riding style and makes suggestions on how you can improve. They also introduce you to the principles of IPSGA
I was lucky and was assigned a serving Class 1 Police rider.

For the past year I have been keeping up with the principles and putting them into practice.
I have also changed bike, moving from a TDM850, which I have ridden for many years for an ST1100.
I am still trying to learn all its nuances, to perfect corners and gear changes, making the ride as smooth as silk.

Last month I was offered to join an intensive training course to become an Observer myself.
Initially I accepted, but decided that I am not 100% happy with my “oneness” with the ST, so subsequently declined the offer.
If I am going to teach someone else, I want to make sure that I am as smooth as I can be, even if I am fairly confident that I could pass the IAM test if I had to take it tomorrow.

So, I have decided to undertake the IAM Advanced Plus course, and I have been assigned my same Observer as before, which is great news.
This time there are less observed rides, but you are expected to put in at least 60 miles practice each day. This time, commuting miles definitely do not count so that means I will have to put an additional 60 miles on top of my 60 mile commute.
The miles should cover all road types, though I am going to concentrate on small roads as my commute is mainly dual carriageway and A roads.

This has also meant that I have started cramming the books again.
Resultantly, I have also started to update my Advanced Riding series, the latest being to add the section on Positioning

As before, I will provide regular updates about my trials and tribulations.
The first ride is this Saturday afternoon, and the weather is looking good ๐Ÿ™‚

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