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Following on from the last post about my V8 trike, I decided to take the risk on a break in the rain and booked an MOT for today.

The MOT was quite an experience. It was an old bloke who looked like he would have been more at home out on a farm in a cow shed.
He was complete with overalls, a battered old sports jacket and a greasy flat cap.
More oddly, next to the MOT bay was a bale of hay and a couple of logs!!
I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to sit on it and wait for the sheep dog trials to start.

Anyways, I digress.
He put his knee pads on and started crawling around looking at everything.
We then did the lights test.
Finally, to test the brakes. He got me to set the trike up on one side of the workshop. He climbed aboard then rode it across the workshop and hit the brakes. They passed.

Ticket written and off I went.

The trike had been popping and decaling a bit, so I knew the timing would need a bit of a fiddle.
When I reversed back up the drive the engine cut out. Then I noticed the oil over the back end of the valley gasket.
I finally got it started again, and it started chucking white smoke out of the left pipe.
The valley gasket was also bulging upwards, rather than being valley shaped. Looks like it had blown out.

So, I now have to take the front of the trike and inlet manifold off again.
Hopefully it is just the displacement of the valley gasket that is the issue, and the oil was coming in though one of the inlet bores.
I also need to sort why there was a critical pressure build up.

Updates to follow.

One Response to “Insert lots of swear words….”

  1. meterman says:

    Yeah, I took my trike to him. Amazing old bloke, proper mechanic. He loves his old tractors & went on about them. This guy is a legend! The brake test, yes! He shot across the workshop & braked. Dismounted and said “Hmmm, this ones got brakes!”
    Wish all garages were like this! Respect!