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Third Engine Lucky

I now have a third engine for the trike. This one came from ebay, and included a video of it running in a landrover chassis.
The deal was done and it was off down to Swindon to pick it up.

Today’s task was to get the replacement lump off the trailer and into the garage.
I then set about getting the front off the trike off. I have to admit that I have had a fair bit of practice doing it ๐Ÿ™‚

The plan is to get the current one out, and get the replacement on to the chassis and plumbed in.
I should then be able to run it up and see what is what.

Once that is done, a couple of bits will need swapping out (clutch/torque converter, carbs and water pump), and a couple of trike related mods, like locating the kick down cable on the throttle linkages.
I will also need to give a few of the bits a polish, and/or a lick of paint.

The next job is to drain the water from the current lump, and the transmission fluid from the autobox.
I should then be in a position to swap the lumps out.

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