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Pop goes the rear tyre

I have never had a blow out before and I have to confess that it is quite an exciting experience.

I had just left work, in Farnham, and was heading down the A31.
As I was passing Bentley I began to overtake a car, at a spirited pace. As I moved out the backend had a little bit of a vibration. With a couple of seconds that back end began to weave, it began to feel like a bearing had collapsed and the whole wheel was oscillating.
I was no stuck between completing the overtake or bleeding off the speed and falling back behind the car so I could pull over.

What ever I decided to do, it had to ensure that there were no rapid speed changes, in case I worsened the weave, whilst at the same time being very conscious that with each second that passed I was on borrowed time.
The best option was to accelerate a bit more, and complete the overtake, and then start the controlled rapid deceleration. The car driver could see what was happening and immediately indicated right and cleared me.

The “scariest” moment was I was accelerating past the car and had the sneaking suspicion that I could lose the whole rear wheel from under me.
It was only as I came down to around 30mph I could feel the lazy wobble of a flat tyre, so knew what had happened.

1hr 45mins later the bike was in the back of a recovery van and I was off home.

Before anyone asks, I do not think that IAM training had anything to do with my reactions, but rather a good few years of dirt riding and a cool head.

It was definitely an experience, and a pleasant change from the usual daily commute.
I was just lucky that it happened on a straight open road, and not in the corner of a back road.

As an aside, the tyre was legal though there was probably only around 500 miles left on the tyre before I reached the minimum tread markers.
The surrounding area showed some small holes, and the actual blowout hole was about 1.5″ long, with the metal mesh all blown outwards.

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