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ST 1100It is with some sadness that I said goodbye to the ST1100 (The Pan) last Saturday.
The bike was perfect as a commuter. Yes it is heavy, but as soon as it gets moving it really is quite nimble. At no time did I feel the weight would get the better of me.
It also offers some good protection from the elements, especially with the tall MRA screen.
The bike also generates a lot of heat. This is great in the Winter, when it helps warm the cockles, but in the Summer you really begin to feel it when riding slowly on hot days.

I only ever really did one “long” trip, and that was from Portsmouth to Birmingham, and it was a no hassle ride. I had previously added some 30mm bar-risers, which alleviated the weight I was “forced” to put on my wrists.
In fact it was maybe a little too easy, as there were moments when I could not help but feel a bit bored. Of course this could have been alleviated if I had got off of the motorways/dual-carriageways and stuck to the smaller roads.

Anyways, the bike now lives in Birmingham, with a great new owner.
I am £1600 better off, which is helping to pay for the BMW R1200 GSA

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