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Grip Puppies

One of the things that I noticed about the new bike (R1200 GSA) was that the grips seemed really skinny. I don’t think I have really massive hands, but they really did just seem small.
Generally, I do not get the feeling of leaning on the handlebars, but with the small/thin grips I was beginning to feel the pressure on my hands. They almost seemed to be cutting into my palms.

I could not swap them out, because they are heated. In fact they seem thinner than aftermarket heated grips, like Oxford Hot Grips.

After having a good look around, I came across Grip Puppies. What a revelation.

Installing the grips really is as easy as just soaping up your hands and getting the grips soapy. I used Pears soap, so nothing really special.
On the GS, I just removed the bolts on the end of the handlebars, moved the hand guards out of the way, and then slipped the Grip Puppies on. Finally, I put the bolt back in place.
The grips did not require trimming down to size, and the fitted picture is a pretty accurate representation of the fit on the GS.

The heat from the heated grips still gets through without issue. In fact, the spongyness of the grips means that they feel a bit warmer anyway.
The spongyness also minimises the amount of vibration, as well as providing a medium to do exercises against. Just squeeze, hold, and then relax. Repeat until your forearms hurt :).

Mine were a pressy for my 50th, but you can get them on ebay, and at just under £16 delivered has to be one of the most cost effective mods I have ever installed.

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