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Sun RiseI think I may be getting even more grumpy in my old age. Christmas used to be great fun, there was the excitement of the run up to it, the giving and receiving of presents. It then got taken over as a marketing extravaganza, with the whole concept being rammed down your throat as soon as the Halloween costumes had been removed from the shelves. Saying that, I am sure some of the larger stores had started the “Christmas Extravaganza” whilst the Halloween stuff was still on the shelves.

Now I find the phrase “Happy New Year” is starting to get on my nerves. Again, it used to be fun in the past. I used to arrange to meet up with friends and then either go out or stay in for food and drink.
I think I have become more cynical. This year will still be the same year, but just with another name. Will it be happy?
The year has nothing to do with it. It will not bring with it all things wonderful, happiness and riches.
It is YOU that will make a difference to this year! It is you that will make this a “Happy New Year”. You are your own destiny.

Oh yeah, and sod “New Year’s Resolutions”. There is something else that is a load of rubbish, making promises to yourself that you are unlikely to ever implement/keep.
Why not create a “2013 Bucket List”? Write down a list of things that you would like to do this year, and make them realistic.
It could be something really simple like try and see something everyday that makes you smile, and be aware that you are smiling. Or, experience something you would never have dreamed of trying, like a parachute jump ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyways, enough of the rant.

I hope you liked the photo that I took this morning.
I nipped out to the garage to get the motorbike out, ready for the first commute of the year, and I saw this sunrise.
It made me stop in my tracks. It made me wonder at the beauty of nature. It made me smile.
One of the things that is on my yearly “Bucket List” is to make sure I take time to step outside of my own little world and enjoy the “Real World”.

I hope this is a a good year for you, and that you realise some of your dreams.

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