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0_2917When someone mentions the Royal British Legion, what is the first thing that comes to mind?
Would it be short, slightly stooped gentlemen of greying years sitting quietly in the corner of the pub, or their own local Legion Branch, supping pale ale and reminiscing about years past?

I would not be surprised, as this is a common misconception about The Royal British Legion.
If you want to know more about The Royal British Legion and what it does, in general, please take a look at their site as this is not what I wanted to blog about.

Oh, and if you do come across a slightly stooped gentlemen of greying years, who may well be supping pale ale or he may be collecting for The Poppy Appeal. Whatever you do, take time to stop and have a chat, you will be entertained for hours, and of course do not forget all the others who served for our country including recent conflicts.

We as bikers have always been very good at coming up with, or taking part in events that raise funds for those less lucky than us, probably the most common being toy runs.
Have you ever thought of joining together with a group of like-minded bikers whose primary aim is to collect money for The Poppy Appeal?

The Royal British Legion Riders are a diverse bunch of people, made up of serving and ex-military as well as a large number of “civilians”. Yes, you do not have to have been ex-military to join The Royal British Legion!
The RBLR is a branch of The Royal British Legion, but we are a national branch. This means we do not have a fixed location where you can get cheap beer, and meet up with the slightly stooped…… However, for an extra few quid you can usually get affiliated membership of your local RBL Branch and get access to said gentleman.

We, the RBLR, have a very full diary of events, all of which involve motorbikes in some way or another, and promote both The Legion and try and raise money for the Poppy Appeal. We run and attend a number of rallies, and also have our own, including a National Rally.
You could raise sponsorship money and try and complete 1000miles in 24hours. You get a certificate and a badge, but that is nothing compared to the satisfaction of completing The RBLR1000
Please note, you do not have to be a member to enter the RBLR1000.

You could just attend a village fete to show your bike and raise awareness of The Legion. You could even let kids sit on your pride and joy for a small donation.
Some of the events are organised at a national level, but most are organised within your region.

We also have a very active forum, which is for members only, allowing you to chat general boll “rubbish”, and get access to a vast array of skilled and knowledgeable people.
Our website does not quite get across the dynamic and comaredrie of The Royal British Legion Riders Branch.

So, if you fancy helping us to beat the £139,529.40 we raised for The Poppy Appeal last year why not join us?
How much will this cost? A mere £18!!

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