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Riding like Neo

matrixWhat has the Matrix’s Neo and IPSGA got in common?
They both help you filter through all the rubbish and see what is really there.

One of the big things , for me, to come out of undertaking the IAM Skills for Life Package is a much calmer and focused ride.
Before, it was very much nip ‘n’ zip all over the place. The engine and gearbox probably suffered as I accelerated/decelerated hard.
I only ever looked ahead a car or two in front of me.
Everything seemed very “busy” and my ride was very much reactionary. There was no real plan, except to get to my destination, and everyone else was in my way.
Well that is a slight exaggeration, but somewhat accurate.

I then got introduced to IPSGA. This is a system that can be applied to riding (and driving) that provides you with a framework. It is not so much a set of rules, as a set of guidelines.
Using this framework I started to take a much more structured approach to my riding.
With practice I soon learnt how to process large amounts of information without much thought. I could look down a road, and behind and to the sides, and intuitively see pointers that helped me to ascertain what was happening around me, and what was up ahead.

So, take up advanced riding, and you too can get to read the road like Neo sat there starting at green ASCII characters streaming down the screen.
It may all seem like a mass of meaningless data, but you will learn to pick out all the salient parts to build up a picture leading to a smoother, safer and less “busy” ride.

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