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Since my series of blogs on the ineptitude of Reeds Rains Property Management I have still had dealings with them.

Yes, I did bin off their fully managed service, but then they offered to handle the contract renewal for £32. Well, in my book that is too good an offer to pass up.
I do appreciate that all they are really doing is changing the dates on the previous contract, but hey tis a nice easy option. Maybe I have found the long sought after “hassle free” service that Reeds Rains Property Management refer to. 🙂

Anyway, earlier this year I had a letter from the same person who has been my point of contact through all of my dealings.
The letter stated that the my tenants had been in contact stating that they have the following issue…
There was no issue stated. It would seem that said person, who had signed the letter, had generated a template letter without filling out the relevant part, signed it, then sent it to me.
On ringing the person, they denied it and asked that I send the letter so they could investigate.
Did I mention the letter was signed in Biro, so they must have known they sent it?
Oh yeah, and remember that they are no longer managing the property, and on chatting to my tenants they confirmed that they had not even rung Reeds Rains Property Management, and had no problems.

Last month the tenancy was renewed for another six months. As usual my tenants paid in advance.
The Reeds Rains Property Management contact called to confirm that the money had been transferred into my account, direct from the tenants I hasten to add, as those who have read what had happened in the past will know that the only people who hold on to the rent and pay it late are in fact Reeds Rains Property Management.

A couple of weeks later I was sent the new contract with a covering letter.
Yet again, it was a template that had not been amended, or even checked, before sending.
In this instance, it informed me that a Banker’s Draft was enclosed!

So, even though I now employ Reeds Rains Property Management’s services for the barest mininum, they still manage to consistently make mistakes.
What really annoys me is that there is no call for the mistakes. I would not have thought it was too much for a large Estate Agents to manage to to undertake the simplest of tasks, like generating and sending a letter, without to much trouble.
It would appear that the one thing that Reeds Rains Property Management excels at is failing in the most simplistic of tasks.

As said before, and evidenced by the comments my blogs have received, you could well be making a mistake in employing the services of Reeds Rains Property Management.

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