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speed_cameraPretty much every motorist hates the speed camera, they are seen as methods of “screwing” another couple of quid out of the motorist who is already paying through the nose for “Road Tax” and the fuel to run their vehicle(s).
They were always meant as safety devices, to help keep down road casualties, to be placed in locations that statistically had more accidents than other places. The plan was that the presence of the camera would make people slow down and there would less accidents at that location. Once the motorist had been educated, the camera could be moved to another location.
The last major uproar, by the motorist, meant that any Council that was taking a percentage of the revenue generated by fines would have to make the cameras nice and visible by painting them bright reflective yellow and certainly not hide them behind street furniture (signs, etc), so as not to be “sneaky”.
Speed cameras are still made highly-visible, despite the demise of the camera partnerships.

In the past there have been speed cameras trialled that looked like road cats eyes, and there were even rumours of speed cameras mounted in crash barriers.
As an aside, I understand that the cats eye idea was ultimately scrapped as there was a high probability that they would be stolen for the very high quality miniature cameras in them ๐Ÿ™‚

It would seem that there is now a new plan afoot.
The current economic climate seems to have caused speed cameras to proliferate, again leading to claims that they are being used as money making devices.
It has also been noticed that more and more speed cameras are being destroyed, the preferred method being to hang a car tyre around it and set fire to the tyre.

I understand that speed cameras disguised as if they have been burnt are now being trialled!
Technically they are still highly visible, but now there is the doubt as to whether the camera is really burnt or not.

The burnt out cameras that I have seen usually still have the two metal hoops from the burnt out tyre hanging around them. This could be a good indicator of its true state, but you would already have been done by the time you see them.

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