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Introducing Project Dandy

dandyAs a family, we have been thinking about entering in to the sport of camping.  We have often looked at tents, and even brought one once, but have never actually gone camping.
Having a 9 year old doesn’t really help as it is a double edged sword.  She really wants to go camping, but …….  Maybe a stiff drink or two would help.

Anyways, I got offered a trailer tent for a very reasonable price, and not only that but I got a chance to spend two nights in it before I paid the money 🙂

So, we are now the owners of a 1960’s Dandy Trailer tent.

It is in need of some tender loving care, but then it is around 50 years old.
You can find more images in the a slideshow of its current state.

The two nights that I spent in it were extremely comfortable, which is saying something, as I was just using a leather bike jacket and a fleece as a pillow.

It also towed really well behind the trike.  To be honest, with a 3.5l V8 pulling it, it is not surprising that I hardly noticed that it was behind me.  The 140 mile journey home was a pleasure, especially looking at the faces of the “caravaners” that I overtook on the way.
Please note that I was sticking to 60mph.  I was overtaking as a matter of safety;  I get a better view when I am not looking at the arse end of a caravan 😉

So, it has now become the latest project, with a nice long list of tasks that need to be completed:

  • Wire brush/shot blast the A frame, and underseal it.
  • Strip and repaint the towing hitch, etc.
  • Replace the box on the front.
  • Strip on repaint the wheels.
  • Sand and repaint all the exterior
  • Sand and repaint the whole interior
  • Replace the top of the lower unit. (the wood has rotted under the sink)
  • Redo the lids/covers on the upper unit, as they are currently heavy kitchen cabinet offcuts
  • Replace the top off the bench.
  • Replace all mattresses, with new foam and covers.
  • Sand and paint all the wood in the bed areas.
  • New Velcro
  • Install a floor mount for a table, and make the table and height adjustable support.
  • Install an electrical point
  • Make new curtains, including for across the beds.
  • Possibly make a lining.
  • Get/make a new trailer cover.
  • Clean all the PVC

I am hoping to get it all ready so we can take a bit of time out at the end of August.

I will keep posting updates as I go along.
The first task will be to take all the canvas off, and the front panel/door and back panel so work can start in earnest.


3 Responses to “Introducing Project Dandy”

  1. James says:

    We have had 3 Dandys ….. My wife died in 2011
    so I am thinking about getting and fixing a 1960 ish
    model. (It depends on the price really)

  2. admin says:

    Really sorry to hear about your wife.
    I did finish the project and have since sold it on. I really should add some more posts on the subject.
    I have seen a couple of 60’s Dandy’s go for under £200 on ebay. they were in as bad a shape as the one I had.
    Thing is, if the canvas is good, the rest is easy to replace.

  3. Jay says:

    Hi There …

    I was curious to see how many 1960s Dandy Trailer Tents were around as I bought one in 2009 and have taken it to music festivals twice a year since then – including Glastonbury almost every year!

    It is fantastic and always gets noticed – mind you with its bright orange plastic sides, I’m not surprised. Some of the weather conditions we’ve had to cope with have been horrendous but we’ve always been warm and dry in the Dandy. I have a feeling that it is one of the original ones – heavy wood and steel frame. It’s getting to the stage where I need to do some serious maintenance on it but it will have to wait until my final festival of 2016 in late August.

    Be great if you could post some pictures of your Dandy ….