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I have often looked at the approach to the Hindhead Tunnel and thought that it looks a bit like Telly Tubby Hill, especially before shrubs had started maturing.
This, of course, now causes a problem in that I seem to have admitted that I know what Telly Tubby Hill looks like. I blame that on my daughter watching it when she was younger.
To be honest, I am still traumatised by the memories of Telly Tubby Custard. If you ever think that you are really bored, just watch the Youtube vid on Telly Tubby Custard and your life will become full again.

Anyway, for ages I been meaning to take the trike into the Hindhead Tunnel and enjoy the acoustics.
The Hindhead Tunnel is 1.14 miles long and is usually set to the National Speed limit, which is a mighty fine 70mph (113kph).
There are also average speed cameras at either end of the tunnel. So as long as you average speed is not over 70mph, all is good. ๐Ÿ™‚

I entered the tunnel at a relatively respectable speed, but then slowed it down to just under 40 mph.
This allowed me to trigger the kick down on the auto gearbox. You can hear this from about the 28 second mark.
To be honest, the sound from the camera does not really do it justice. OMG!
Some of the best sound actually comes from when I slow the trike right down, and just let it burble, but the tunnel was a bit to busy to take it down into the 30 mph range. Also, was interested on trying it out on my new VW next week.

Here’s the vid.

The vid going northbound is a bit slower so does give a better indication of V8 noise.
I also think this one is more mesmerising.

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