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Another Facebook Rant

Sometime ago I wrote an item about Groups on Facebook and how it would seem that liking something would save the world.

It would appear that there is now a new fad, though this one is religion related.
The plan is to show some sad photo, for example of a child playing next to a grave, or sitting in hospital, and then inform us all that we should like the post and a comment with the words “Amen”

Why?? What possible difference is it going to make?
Get 1 million likes and the equivalent “Amens” and all will be put right? Will it involve a clap of thunder, ‘cos that is about as much of a cliché as the idea that posting something on Facebook is going to make things better.

One example I saw recently involved a child with Leukaemia.
This reminded me of an interview that Stephen Fry was a part of, where he was asked what he would say to God if he was to meet him (or Her for the sexists out there) at the Pearly Gates.
His response to the question is very unique. At the beginning he even questioned why God would allow bone cancer in children, which you have to agree is an question that bears a lot of weight.
The interview in question can be found on YouTube

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