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What happened to the pigeons?

I have not seen the pigeon(s), at work, for some time. What I have seen is a Magpie. Do Magpies chase off pigeons? I have also started wondering if it is a mutant Magpie. You see, at the same time a Wagtail has started flying around the place. Have you ever noticed that with the […]

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Interlopers arrive

Over the past few days I have been watching the pigeons, who come and go but are generally there every day. Every now and again a Magpie would turn up and wander around on the same corner of the building as the pigeons. Most of the time the pigeon(s) are not there, and the Magpie […]

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The pigeon’s friend

As promised, here is a photo of the “Lone Pigeon”. It is even better in that his ‘friend’ was there too!! I read last night that pigeons mate for life, so was wondering if there is a nest up there and he watches the world go by whilst she is tucked up in a nest […]

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The Lone Pigeon

A couple of months ago a pigeon took up residence on the roof of the building opposite. Every day I look out the window, from my desk, and there he is come rain or shine. I always thought that pigeons like to hang out together, but this one is all on his own. Saying that, […]

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