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The TDM has left the garage

It was with some sadness that I said goodbye to my trusty TDM 850 today. I brought in October 2008 for about £1200, and in the past three years have put around 30,000 miles. It sold for £1120 on ebay. I got it to replace my previous TDM850, which got taken out by a woman […]

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Re-covering the TDM seat

Just before Christmas I was leaving work. It had been snowing and my seat was covered. I patted it all off, as it had gone hard. The next day I noticed that there was crack in the vinyl. I’ve never recovered a seat, so was just gonna buy a second hand one. A check ebay […]

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The bike that gets all the miles on it is the Yamaha TDM 850. 1484It is my “commuter”, clocking up 58 miles per day, going between Portsmouth and Farnham. The TDM is often referred to as the “Tedium” by many people. Tis true that it is not the most exciting ride, but then it is […]

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