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Advanced Riding

The main purpose of advanced riding is to build on the basics that you were taught when you passed your test.
For some people the test would have just involved riding around the block. Now a days the test is far more involved and even includes hazard perception.

Essentially, advanced riding is about becoming more involved in your ride, it is not about “twist and go” but more about being concious of your actions, observing what is going on around you and planning your ride.
This should result in a far more fluid ride, by anticipating what is going on around you and smoothly negotiating any hazards in your path.

The best way to learn these principles is to join your local Institute of Advanced Motorists.
I started out by purchasing a “Skills for Life” package, at a cost of £139.
You will assigned an Observer, who will take you out on rides and give you constructive criticism of your riding style. He/she will also introduce you to the various concepts associated with becoming an advanced rider.
At no time are you bullied in to doing anything you do not feel comfortable with. Everything should progress at a pace that you are happy with.
It should be like going out for a ride with a mate, with the exception that after each ride you should find that you are riding smoother and smoother.

The following pages will deal with the various aspects that are addressed as part of the advanced riding concepts.

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