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Monthly Archive for August, 2011

Flushed the hydraulics on the DX

The DX has 16,000 miles on it, which in itself is a bit mad for a Harley ‘cos most people don’t actually ride them. The 15,000 mile service can be a biggy though mainly because the valve lash needs to be checked. There is also a complete fluid change. I have known that the clutch […]

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Errrm, I found the lost socket

Whilst I was putting the cylinder back on the XT550 I seemed to have misplaced a 12mm socket.I did not think much about it ‘cos it may have just rolled under something and I have a spare. In fact it was just a niggling thought that I had lost a socket, and it was possible […]

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XT550 – Hole in the casing

So, once I had the engine in pieces it was simple to swap out the gear selector shaft, which was the whole point of the exercise. Now it was a case of putting the whole lot back together.  There is no gasket between the engine casings, so it is just a matter of cleaning the […]

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The XT550 engine fights back

I managed to get the engine stripped, though it was not all easy going. It was the classic case of tempting fate.  All was going well when one of the head bolts would not move.  They are about an inch long and made of aluminium (see photo). It turns out that it the aluminium of […]

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