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I have a very weak prescription, and most of the time I do not need to wear my glasses. The only time that it becomes a help is when riding/driving in the dark.
It may be an age thing, but I find that lights tend to halo and objects become less defined in the dark. I am told that this is because I now have difficulty in seeing contrasts, and so distinct shades of grey/black tend to blur.
So during daylight the “big blobs” in front of me tend to be cars, where as at night they all blend in to the road, that blends in to everything else. I am of course exaggerating, but the principle is accurate.
Wearing glasses tends to makes things noticeably more distinct and lights tend to halo less. Mind you, if you add rain in to the mix then all bets are off again ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, logically it is during the Winter that I use my glasses the most. Needless to say this is the time of year when it is the coldest.
I like riding around with my visor open. This is not a problem so long as it is not raining, and I don’t stop.
If I stop any warmth from my face, or breath, will cause my glasses to steam up.
If it has been raining and my visor is down, or even slightly open, as soon as I stop my glasses will steam up.
Some times conditions can be perfect, but one wrong breath and my glasses steam up.
I can be sitting at traffic lights and the fog spreads over my glasses. There is no point doing anything about it as there is not really anything that can be done.
I know that within 20 foot of pulling off the breeze will defog them. But, this is not really a good idea because you can not undertake a proper check before pulling off, and you are effectively blind for the first few feet.

This year I decided to try the move to contact lenses in the hope that this would resolve the issue.
I am currently under going a 14 day trial, so once that is finished and I am happy I have made a decision, I will write an update on the findings.
I will say that there are definitely pros and cons, but on balance I think it is going good, but can I stick with it??

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